Learning About The History and Development Of Automated Phone Systems

Hi there, my name is Misty. I am here to talk to you about the history and development of automated phone systems for large businesses. Companies used to utilize operators to direct calls to the correct department. The operator would find out the caller’s purpose and send that person to the individual best prepared to offer assistance. The system was well used but expensive for the company. Automated telephone systems changed the way calls are routed by using a sophisticated tree of options. I hope to explore this topic in great detail with you all on his site. Thank you for visiting.

Why Residential Security Systems Make Excellent Gifts


When people you love make the leap into home ownership, it is customary to provide a meaningful gift as a way to warm the house and make it a home. When those people happen to be children, siblings, or friends that you hold dear, then their safety should be a huge priority for you. The perfect gift to offer that bridges the gap between utility and sentiment is a good residential security system. There are many reasons to consider offering alarm systems as a housewarming gift, including the following: 

The Prices Are Good

January tends to see a lull in sales for most companies selling security alarm equipment, and that can be good news for you. Purchasing a system for your loved ones at this time of year will result in some great deals and prompt installation as you are not fighting a huge wave of customers. Take advantage of the winter sales when you offer the best house warming gift possible. 

Crime Rates Are Rising

A lot of things are improving every year, but unfortunately, the safety of this country is not one of them. Crime rates are rising, and violence in residential sectors is seeing the brunt of those rising rates. Commercial alarm systems are one of the best ways to keep your loved ones safe from would-be intruders and vandals. Let your loved ones enjoy their new home along with a professional sense of safety.

New Technology Is Amazing

Technology is advancing at incredible speeds, and this is affecting the way things are made and run in every conceivable field, including the world of residential alarm systems. Never before has this kind of equipment been so easy to use and helpful. These systems are smarter and easier to personalize than ever before, meaning you can give your friends exactly what they need. 

They Offer More Than Security

Safety and security are important, but so are knowledge and communications. The security alarm equipment being installed now is so much more than just an alarm system. You can get cameras to show you who is at your door. You can get alerts for when people come and go in the house. You can set up chat systems for family members at home to talk with family members at work or abroad. All of these things add levels of convenience and communication in all areas of life. 

The message you send by offering a residential security system as a gift is that you truly care about these people, and you want their experience in the new house to be safe and positive. Click here to read more about the benefits and features of residential alarm systems.


19 January 2017